Richmond VA Bars

Ahhh.. Virginia is a beautiful state with a lot to offer.  You have the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic ocean on in the Tidewater region, the beautiful cities such as Richmond and Arlington in the Peidmont region, and the Appalachian Mountains in the ridge and valley region.  Although VA has a lot to offer, let’s focus on Richmond… more specifically the bars in Richmond.

Richmond, VA Bars to check out

Richmond, VA has been burned down twice.  There is a ton of history here especially if you’re a Civil War buff.  In the city there are tons of delicious restaurants to explore such as Sticky Rice, Don’t Look Back, En su Boca, and Boathouse.  When visiting Richmond, life during the summer involves getting drunk at the James River.  Belle Isle is a great place to take your friends and family to have an enjoyable day walking around the island and venturing out onto the rocks.  When you are out on the smooth rocks, you will have a beautiful view of the Hollywood Cemetery across the river on a huge hill.

Be careful of bring any alcohol there because undercover police officers are present waiting to bust your ass.  It’s really stupid, but just be careful and bring your own cups.  After a long day soaking the sun at the river, you should head toward Shokhoe Bottom.  It looks kind of crumby, but its a gold mine of various bars and restaurants that are top notch.

Some great tasting restaurants inlcude the Pizza PLace, McCormack’s, On The Roxx, and Bottom’s Up pizza.

After venturing and drinking your ass off in the bottom, you should hit up the glorious Fan district in the VCU area.

The Fan is where it’s at!

When you want to go drinking, the fan is where you want to be.  They have some of the best bars Richmond has to offer.  For a more hipster type bar, you gotta check out Helen’s.  It’s a little hole in the wall but you can’t beat cheap shots and $2 PBR beers.   Another good bar to check out is 3 Monkeys.  The crowd is pretty well rounded and there is a lot more space available with booths.  If you’re more of the preppy type, then you want to check out Sullivan’s.  They have a mean Sunday brunch too with pitchers of mimosas being handed out left and right.

If you like Asian cuisine then you absolutely have to check out Sticky Rice.  It’s a nice family restaurant by day, and a bitchin fun bar at night.

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