Richmond, VA Living – How To Make the Best of it

So are you now relocating to Richmond, VA?  I know it’s way different than the perfect climate in San Diego, or the busy life in Chicago, Illinois.  And it sure as hell ain’t the same as Las Vegas, Nevada.  No, Richmond is one of those cities that strives to be a big city like New York City and Washington DC, but we’re not quite there yet.  We’re like a small big city that’s over all pretty affordable and has a mixed political opinion basis.  Richmond is basically in the middle of the state of Virginia on the lovely chocolate colored James River.  People north of the James River make fun of the people in “south side,” and the people south of the James River think people north of the river are pretentious idiots.  Honestly, most agree with the people on the north side of the river.

So whether side you choose to live, Richmond is a fun town with a lot to do.  Here is a little guide to help you make the best of your stay!

Your Little Guide to Richmond

Let’s start in the city area, and venture outward to the vast horizons of the suburbs.  Oh boy!  If you’re in the city, you’re going to want to live in the Fan, Shockhoe Bottom, Church Hill, or the Museum District.  The Fan is filled with amazing bars, hot VCU chicks, and more amazing bars and restaurants.  You don’t really need a car to get around and owning a bike is just fine if you don’t want to leave the area.  Shockhoe Bottom looks like shit, but there a few good restaurants like the Pizza Place and McCormack’s.  Again, the nightlife seen in this section of Richmond is a lot of fun and you don’t necessarily need a car to get around, but you should have a car anyway.

Church Hill is at the top of Shockhoe Bottom and you definitely want to have a car to get around.

The museum District is the tits.  It’s so much fun, and not nearly as loud as the college student infested Fan.  Having a bike or moped is plenty, and it’s near Cary Town, which is a shopping haven. Good eats are found at Banditos, Stuzzi, and Chioccos.

If you’re in the burbs….

It’s either Chesterfield, Henrico, or Hanover.  Chesterfield is south of the James River and it’s basically a giant suburb and zero city life.  If you’re a drinker, don’t drink and drive because the cops are looking for drunk asses like you to pull over and give you a fancy DUI.  I really don’t have anything much to say about Chesterfield, but its the 3rd largest county in the state of Virginia.  A lot of people live there for a reason, I guess, but I would never live there because it’s just “not my vibe.”

The west end of Henrico county is pretty tight.  You’re near everything especially in Short Pump.  There you have a giant expanding outdoor mall, two Wal Marts, tasty food joints, a few good bars, and friendly people.  I guess you can tell I’m a little biased….

Hanover is pretty awesome too if you like living in a more rural area.  They have the best public schools in the city, and your home will usually have some good space away from your neighbors.

The seasons…

One of Richmond’s perks is that we have all four seasons.  Spring and fall are probably the best times because it doesn’t get too hot and it also doesn’t get too cold.  Summer can be pretty brutal in July and August mostly because of the humidity.  Winter gets pretty frigid and we get snow maybe two or three times a year but it’s never really too bad.  If you have bad allergies, they will certainly kick in around the spring time.  Most homes here have carpet in them and it’s a good idea to call a legit carpet cleaning company to clean your upholstery and rugs.   Also take a lot of Mucinex because our pollen count is high.  It really sucks, honestly.

For the most part, Richmond is pretty awesome because it’s the in south, but not “too south.”  There’s lots of diversity especially in the Fan and Museum District, and we get all four seasons.

Do you live here?  How do you like it?  Sorry i’m not sorry about bashing south side = ).


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